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Tungsten Heating Heater


The important applications of tungsten wire are for the production of heating elements for high temperature furnaces and evaporation sources in metalizing processes

Tungsten heating heater features high melting point and high corrosion resistance. Mainly applied for aluminizing kinescope chronoscope mirrors plastics and heater elements for decoration articles.

Stranded tungsten wire is applied for making heater elements and other heater components in semiconductor and vacuum devices.

Tungsten heating heater is used as vacuum material, cathode for emitting tube, high temperature electrodes, many specifications are provided. Tungsten heating heater is mainly used as filament, cathode for emitting tube, high temperature electrodes, and tungsten wire in twisted, folded-heater for electronic tube grid reside rod electron tube.

Tungsten heating heater, such as tungsten rod heat element, tungsten strip heater, tungsten wire heater and tungsten wire mesh heater



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