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Tungsten Alloy Military Defense


Tungsten heavy alloy is increasingly adopted in tungsten alloy defense as the raw material to make parts of military products, such as bullet, armor and shells, shrapnel head, grenade, hunting gun, bullet warheads, bulletproof vehicles, tank panzers, cannons, firearms, etc. A major use for tungsten heavy alloy is in kinetic energy penetrators, where they are in direct competition with depleted uranium (DU).

A significant mass of tungsten has been used to produce 5.56 mm ammunition for use at military training facilities as a substitute for lead bullets. The mass of tungsten used in fixed target/fixed firing position ranges has produced soils that are expected to contain tungsten in the percent by mass concentrations, in addition to legacy lead from past training.

Properties of tungsten heavy alloy

Tungsten heavy alloy have very high melting point and have a density twice that of steel and are more than 50% heavier than lead. Due to their high density, tungsten alloys offer greater radiation shielding than lead and are non-toxic. Tungsten alloys are electrically and thermal conductive and offer good corrosion resistance. They also have a low coefficient of expansion and have a high modulus of elasticity. Because of these unique properties tungsten alloys are used extensively in military applications, balance weights, rocket components, bullets, etc. The heavy-metal alloys are especially useful for aircraft counterbalances and as weights in gyratory compasses. Heavy-metal inserts are used as the cores of high-mass military projectiles. Tungsten alloys are widely used for military defense

Tungsten alloy army application

The Army uses of powder metallurgy extend from the conventional press and sinter to the more exotic processes of liquid phase sintering of tungsten heavy alloys and powder injection molding. The Navy has taken great advantage of WHA by employing them iii the phalanx close-in weapon system. The Army intends that research will lead to an alloy or composite of tungsten that, when used as a long rod penetrator, will perform as well as, or better than, current depleted uranium penetrators. Tungsten Heavy Alloys are the best choice when Designers in defense industries, are the ideal material which combines high density, good mechanical strength and which is easily machined, tungsten alloy for military defense is very important



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