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Tungsten alloy aircraft ballast


Balancing is best achieved with high-density material, which concentrates maximum weight in the smallest possible space. Tungsten alloys help balance and stabilize the control surfaces of ailerons, elevators and rudder sections

Flight Control Systems

Counter balances with many advantages over conventional balance materials e.g. steel or lead ,which are often used to optimize the performance of flight control surfaces, such as rudders, elevators and ailerons.

Rotor Blades

Helicopter rotor blades demand perfect balance. can be utilized to compensate for any imbalances built into individual blades during the manufacturing process, such as helicopter balance.

Propellers counterweights are incorporated into the pitch control system of many propeller designs as a fail-safe device to ensure that overspeeding is prevented.

Inertial Systems

Tungsten alloy is incorporated into the rotating flywheels of gyroscopic controls for the storage of kinetic energy. weights are used for two purposes in this type of gyroscope:

To adjust the center of gravity of the triangle.

To adjust the frequency of oscillation of the laser beams.

Bucking Bars

Bucking bar is a work tool received behind work surfaces to provide a backing member in applying impact fasteners and including intermitted tool head and handle parts with a low-recoil impact-absorbing spacer provided there between to take shock loads in compression and shear.

Vibrations in the dynamic components of aircraft engines and propeller systems are highly undesirable. Vibration, caused by mass imbalance of externally rotating components, can be reduced or eliminated by using mass trim weights. Additionally, counterweights are incorporated into the pitch control systems of many propeller designs as a failsafe mechanism. During flight the propellers are kept at the correct angle by hydraulic pressure counterbalances to optimize performance.Tungsten alloy offer designers several advantages over conventional balance materials such as lead or steel. The higher density of the alloys permits smaller components to be used, reducing overall system weight. Unlike lead, which can exhibit creep at ambient temperatures, these alloys are stable and so may be used in mechanically stressed positions without the need for additional fabrication and encasement.


Satellites materials are frequently used for mass balancing which plays a significant role to make sure the center of gravity is precisely located, during the progress of space flight, to ensure that correct orbit entry is achieved



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