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Tungsten Alloy Racket Counterweights


Tungsten alloy is the best material of made tennis racket, which can change the impact and impact center, is considered the best hitting position, more importantly, It can be directly fixed-weight and easy installation and removal

All players have different swings and control of the racket although the swing fundamentals are the same. The intent is to make as square an impact with the ball as possible with the ball impacting as close as possible to the center of the tennis racket head known as the "sweet spot". But, size, weight, height, strength and other physical factors cause different players to alter the fundamental swing slightly causing "miss-hits" which in turn cause errors in the flight of the ball. A miss-hit, such as contacting the ball near the frame of the racket, will cause the ball to go in the direction different than where it is intended when the player swings

When a tennis player strikes the ball he seeks to achieve as much control as possible with the greatest force applied to the ball. This occurs when the ball is struck at a position on the strings known as the "sweet spot" which is the central area of the strings. Also, a player attempts to hit the ball squarely with the racket head normal to the direction of flight of the ball. No two players have identical swings and therefore two different players may swing slightly different with the same racket. Further, since the tennis and overall structure is fixed after its made, the only way to achieve a different arrangement is to obtain a racket having a different weight or weight distribution. It would, however, be advantageous if weights could be easily added at selected points of the racket that would improve a players overall swing. Selected weighting could be used to not only increase the head weight for a more powerful serve but also to correct for imbalances in a players swing.

The weighted holder is attached to the tennis racket by fitting an adjacent string into the slots on either side of the crown until the strings engage the bores and are locked on the tennis racket string. The weight can then be slid down on the strings until the small sleeve having the weighted socket is firmly abutting the inside surface of the frame forming the tennis racket head. The weight holder is made of a soft resilient synthetic or rubber like material. The amount of weight added to a tennis racket head can be varied by adding the weighted holder at various positions around the periphery of the frame securely attached to the tennis strings The purpose of the present product is to provide a snap-on weight for a tennis racket, or the like that allow a player to easily vary the amount and distribution of weight of the tennis racket head. The present product provides weights in the form of snap-on weighted clips that conveniently attach to the strings or frame of the racket head at selected positions around the racket.



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