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Electrostatic Air Cleaner Tungsten Wire


Tungsten wire is used in electrostatic air cleaner Tungsten wires release high voltage static electricity to positively charge all dust particles and bacteria entering the machine. The particles are then absorbed on the negatively charged aluminum plates. Then the filter can absorb particles of dust and smog that are smaller in size than a human cell. Offering comprehensive protection for the respiratory system, the air purifier reduced the cost of cancer

Electrostatic air cleaners tungsten wire include Electrostatic Dust Cleaning, Electrostatic Bacteria Elimination, Active Carbon Detoxification and Carbon Dioxide Sensing, a Broad patented combination of functions

Electrostatic air cleaner tungsten wire is used in the production shop of precision instrument and semiconductor that are easily damaged by dust.

Electrostatic air cleaner tungsten wire has a construction in which relatively large dust in the air is caught by a filter installed all over the cleaner and the dust of micro-size passing through the filter is charged by corona discharge electrode and attracted by a dust collecting filter charged by reverse electrode. As a result, the air blown out of the air cleaner is clean without dirty particle



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