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TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes


Tungsten electrodes is most widely used in TIG welding TIG welding also called tungsten inert gas protection electric arc welding extremely. Use pure tungsten or activation tungsten (the thorium tungsten, cerium tungsten, zirconium tungsten, lanthanide tungsten) as non consumable electrode’s inert gas protection electric arc welding, use tungsten extremely and between parts of the metal melting and the formation of arc welding seam. Welding process of tungsten highly melting only plays the role of electrode. As well as the welding torch nozzle send into argon or helium for protection.

Thorium tungsten electrodes are widely used in DC welding field. Tungsten electrode thorium easy operation, even if in the overload electric flowing down it also can be a very good operation, now there are still a lot of companies use the material, it is seen as part of the high quality welding. In the use of tungsten electrode welding thorium must keep good ventilated environment, abandoned the welding head to properly handle.

Zirconium Tungsten is most commonly used for AC welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys. Zirconium Tungsten is the indispensable materials to develop atomic energy industry. Zirconium can be used for high quality steel deoxidizing to the sulfur additives, also is the part of armor steel, artillery with steel, stainless steel and heat resistant steel .Also used to make with flash photography.

Cerium tungsten electrodes used for other low current applications like a nice little parts welding, etc. Cerium tungsten does not suitable for high current conditions of application, because in this condition, the oxide will quickly moves into high hotspots, that is the top of the electrode welding place, so to oxide of the homogeneous degree of the cause damage, and because of the oxide uniform distribution of the benefits brought about by the above will disappear It also used in TIG welding tungsten electrodes, plasma welding, plasma cutting, plasma spay coating plasma smelting and used in gas discharging light source.

Lanthanide tungsten electrodes generally used to weld carbon & stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium. Lanthanum tungsten electrodes are mainly used in DC welding, but also for AC welding performance

Choosing a specific type of TIG welding tungsten electrodes don’t have to be difficult, but it depends on you having a little know-how. To begin, tungsten electrodes come in a variety of diameters — typically ranging from 0.040- to 5/32-inch — and they are available in industry-standard lengths of seven inches. Custom lengths are available, too, but they tend to cost more. The electrodes are composed either of pure tungsten or a hybrid of tungsten and other rare earth elements and oxides (all discussed below.) To eliminate confusion between the various types, each electrode is color-coded, with the color appearing at the tip of each electrode.



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